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5 Reasons Baseball Isn’t A Sport

This is part 1 of an ongoing series of why baseball is categorically not a sport. It doesn’t fit the guidelines of what defines a sport. Yeah, sure, you can complain about how you think I’m wrong and baseball doesn’t suck.

But that’s not what I said. Baseball sucking is a completely different topic. This is the discussion of how we ought to dismiss it as a sport altogether.

1) Bonds hits record homerun, isn’t pissed that team lost

A lot of news has been generated, along with a lot of controversy, with Barry Bonds and his home run record. Obviously, the whole steroid thing comes to mind, as it does with anyone that can rub two brain cells together, but that is not the point here.

What was the end-game score? Anyone? Anyone?

They LOST. They lost their game. 8 to 6 against the Nationals. And noone cares.

And this one reason why baseball should not be taken seriously as a sport, much less a team one. The game didn’t matter. That hasn’t hit anyone on the head yet? I have yet to find one instance in which any player, manager, or owner said “Well yeah, that was great and all, but we still lost the game.” That doesn’t happen. Look at historic competitors in any other Big 4: broke a record, yeah, big deal, but we still lost the game.

2) Babe Ruth did it on Hot Dogs and Cigars

One of the most celebrated players of baseball was unhealthy and out of shape. You can’t say that about other sports (offensive lineman may be a counter-argument, but I’ll get to that in reason 4)

3) Baseball is America’s pastime

Yes. A pastime, not a sport. It’s more of a hobby, like craft sticks or scrap-booking.

4) You can be obese and still succeed at this game

There are athletes in baseball, but not all baseball players are athletes. Look at David Wells: he’s a fatty, and still pitched a perfect game.

Now don’t go off and talk about lineman in the NFL. They *have* to be obese in order to play their position. There’s a difference. They’re like sumo wrestlers, who have to gain weight in order to participate in their sport. There is no position in baseball that requires that.

5) Anyone can play well in a pickup game

Get a couple people and hit the ball around. How hard can that be? Baseball is an event that you can play drunk. Liability issues normally require companies to play slow-pitch softball, but the concept is the same.

You can’t get some overweight middle manager at Dynetech to play a pick-up game of rugby. He’d die. But baseball… piece of cake.

I’ve got about 40 more reasons lined up, so subscribe to my feed and I’ll keep you posted.